How to Choose Red Decorative Pillows?

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The pillow decoration is an important part of every home decoration. If you plan to buy red decorative pillows for your decor, here you can check out some simple criteria that could help you to select the most suitable ones for your decoration:

Is Red Color Suitable for Your Home?

You can start by estimating of the red color is suitable to be used in your home. It can be done by checking of all of the colors that occur in your home can be used in a combination with red. For example, if your sofa is colored in white, you can be sure that if you place red decorative pillow in it will be a great colorful combination. The red color looks great in a combination with white, grey, light blue, and black. It shouldn’t be mixed with accessories and furniture that are colored in dark blue and green.

Red Color Usage

The usage of red color is more specific than using of other colors, because too much usage of it in your home could make people there to feel anxious. According to Feng Shui color interpretation, using of much red accessories and furniture is able to cause destructive energy. However, in proper amounts of the color in your home, it could cause feelings of joy and excitement. So, if there are already red walls or furniture in your home, you’d better choose pillows that are colored in some neutral color such as white, gray, or black.

Other Parameters

Before buying of red decorative pillows, it’s also a good idea to choose carefully all of the other parameters such as:

  • Size – it should be chosen in a way that pillows don’t look too small and too large while they are placed over a bed, sofa, or other furniture.
  • Count – you will have to decide how many pillows you actually need for your home. Usually, medium sized sofa requires between three and five cushions on it, chairs needs one pillow per a chair, and for a bed you probably will need two pillows.
  • Cleaning – you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your new red decorative pillows only if they can easily be kept clean. So, before buying ones make sure that at least their covers are machine washable. The dry method should be checked as well.


In case that you already have comfortable pillows in your home, but you don’t like their look, you don’t need to buy new pillows – you can simply buy pillowcases that are colored in red for your pillows. In this way, you can save money, because the pillowcases are more inexpensive than cushions.

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