How To Sew An Easy Decorative Pillow Cover?

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Decorative pillows are a quick and easy way to perk up your decor. They can be very expensive to buy, but very easy and inexpensive to sew your own.

Here is how to sew an easy, decorative pillow cover that takes very little time or effort. Even a beginner can do it!

This style pillow is sometimes called a “Harem” pillow. It is a different version of the “Knife Edge” pillow.

This is a great way to dress up and recycle your old knife edge pillows. You can also purchase or make a knife edge pillow liner or form to insert in the Harem cover.

To make the “Harem” cover, follow these instructions:

1. Cut 2 squares or rectangles of fabric the desired pillow size plus 1/2 inch seam allowances all around.

2. Place right sides together and stitch three sides of the pillow plus around the corners on the fourth side for about 2-1/2 inches on each side leaving an opening in the middle to insert the pillow liner or form.

Note: You have the option to insert a zipper in the fourth seam or leave the opening to insert the pillow form and hand stitch the opening closed.

3. Press the seam allowances open

4. Do not cut or trim the seams or corners.

5. While the pillow cover is wrong side out, draw a line across each corner on an angle about 2-1/2 inches down from the corner.

6. While still wrong side out, pinch and gather up the corners with your fingers along the drawn line.

7. Use string or strong carpet thread to wrap around the pinched corner and tie a secure knot.

8. Now, turn the cover right side out.

9. Insert your knife edge pillow liner or form.

Note: It is not necessary to tie the corners of your knife edge pillow liner.

10. Close the zipper or slipstitch the opening closed.

Enjoy your Harem pillow.

Another idea is to go ahead and turn your pillow cover right side out first and then tie all four corners for a different look. Tie the corners with some decorative cord and tassels.

Cut up sheets or pillow cases to make your Harem pillows to match your bedroom decor. It adds a real decorator touch!

If you are artistic, here is your chance to have your accent pillows make a statement in your home. A pillow is the perfect palette to do your creative thing whether it is stitching, painting, photography, or whatever, put it on your pillows.

Try it! It just makes sense!

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